International Student on F1 Visa
F1 Visa for international Student

F-1 visa is given to the International students taking admission in academic programs of the Colleges/ High School of United States generally a study visa for international students in USA. Students enrolled in the language or any kind of training program is also eligible for the F-1 visa. Before any student applies for the F-1 visa the student has to be accepted for the enrollment in the particular school which is SEVP certified.

Each and every student applying for F-1 visa has some common questions and notions in their mind. The top 5 of them are mentioned below:

  • The student needs to have the admission letter
  • Training can be of language or academic
  • College must be SEVP certified approved by USICE
  • Student should have stable financial background
  • Student should not abandon foreign residence

1.Travel outside USA

If you are on F-2 visa, you can travel anytime anywhere within the United States and can stay as long you wish to. But if you are willing to travel outside USA then you must return within 5 months, because on F-1 visa absence of more than 5 months is considered as illegal. In the case you are travelling after the expiration of your F-1 visa, then you would need to apply for new F-1 visa before you can re-enter the country. In any case, it is mandatory to get I-20 form signed by DSO.

2.Transfer of school/ college

Any student can transfer the college or the school after the initial six months of having taken the training from the mentioned College. Before changing, it is compulsory to notify the current DSO and take the permission. Once the student changes the school, he/she has to follow the entire procedure from the scratch. Filing new I-20 form and taking the permission. The new form has to be completed and submitted within the 15 days of the transfer.

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3.Work in USA

The main purpose of the F-1 visa is to enable any foreign for taking education in the foreign universities of USA. Because it’s main intention to provide study, it has some work restrictions.

Students can work for 20 hours or less in a week for the on-campus job. Apart from, the two training programs that gives students authorization to work are OPT and CPT. OPT jobs in USA is a good opportunity for F1 students to gain employment. Before starting any kind of employment, the F-1 students must take the permission of the respected DSO.

4.Stay in USA

The stay of the student is determined by the officer at the entry port who would give I-94 card. The card authorized the stay and time span for the stay. After the expiration of the visa, the student is permitted to stay for more 6 months before departing the United States. The duration of stay is generally as long as the course lasts in which the student has enrolled.