social media and recruitment
Social Media and Recruitment Process

There used to be a time when usage of social media was atypical in professional world. The scenario has heavily changed in current times. Now the HR’s are up-to-date with the social media and use it as one of the main hiring source. It’s one of the main supporting stones in process of hiring. The internet is plethora of information that exists and all of us go online to find it.

Most of the people live their virtual life over the social media. Every type of information can be derived about any individual from the internet. The job seekers are also started exploring jobs on social media platforms especially job seekers looking for international jobs are searching jobs on social media as they find it more efficient. The recruiters use it wisely to conduct a background check before hiring the individual. They also timely conduct checks on their current employees via the platform of social media. They keep knowledge about their “social footprints”. It’s one of the many approaches and not the only one.

Other way the HR uses social media is to publicize the job openings. This method turns to useful for both employers and the job seekers. Any individual who is searching for a job can apply for job via the publishing of job opening on any social platform. YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, Facebook are one of the many examples of these social media platforms.

Through social platforms the recruiters through the database over the internet search out individuals via pool of resumes that are submitted every day in huge numbers. Finding potential candidate through internet is like a screening process. They filter the candidates through this and then carry out the real process with the deserving candidate. It helps in getting near accurate of individual’s career aim and history.

It can be clearly seen that the fast paced internet medium is replacing every traditional method out there. It’s a renaissance. As a matter of fact, a survey conducted by CareerBuilder states that 37% of the employers use social networks to screen potential job candidates. That makes two out of every five company.

Thus the job seekers should buck up and start working on their social media profiles so that it creates impressive and positive impact on the recruiter who goes through it.