In today’s competitive world and social work up, self-promotion is no longer just a professional responsibility. It’s a career survival skill.

Many people in today’s hyper-social work world think that self-promotion is a bad term. People no more consider it as the professional responsibility; it is rather required for the career survival. If you do not value then employers will also not. If you fail in showcasing your skills, you would end up lying in the bottom of the employer’s selection list.

To keep your professional value strong you need to continuously showcase your skills and talent. There is so much of intense competition in the market that to avoid losing end professionally self-promotion is the only way. You won’t get the job, the raise, the promotion, the respect and recognition you deserve if you stay silent about your work and knowledge.

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Much of the career success depends on how one promotes oneself in the continuously growing market of stiff competition. The ability to promote one correctly helps the person reach the pinnacle of success. Yet many people have a blatant inability to properly express their value to higher-ups and hiring managers.

Mentioned below are the tips to do self-promotion correctly:

  1. Believe in Yourself
  2. Articulate but Do not brag
  3. Accomplish things on time
  4. Be narrative about your work
  5. Quantify your work
  6. Shape your career path
  7. Keep Old Sources
  8. Finish task in three steps

The fact that boss knows everything about you work is a myth. He does not have more than a general idea about what you do. The minimum required knowledge would be possessed by him but he surely won’t be expert at your field.. He probably has countless other responsibilities than his direct reports, and is increasingly stretched too thin. So how to positively promote yourself in front of your boss is in your hand.

Be modest about work. It is indeed advisable to let others discover your skills and greatness. The hindrance here is that most of the times people won’t find any good quality within you. Thus self-promotion comes in action which when done properly is not bragging but informing.

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For any organization or employer you are there investment and is seen as commodity giving them profit in return of the salary they invest behind you. For that it becomes priority for you to accomplish your tasks adding value to their business. You also need to be narrative about your work being done in time and your ability to take up the extra work. Only when your employers start feeling your worth they would start valuing you.

You need to be able to roll those things off your tongue anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

Remember and recall the reason you were hired. It was because your employers believed that you would give them more than what you are costing from them. The company or organization always wants their employees to produce more than what they are being paid. Thus always quantify your work and highlight the points where company got benefited because of your role in the team.

Unless you are just starting out or have a superhuman memory, you’ll need to do some heavy lifting to track down your past accomplishments—end results, problems solved, projects completed on time and on budget, and so forth. To begin, look at old resumes, business planners, performance reviews, and journals. Then reach out to family, friends, managers, co-workers, customers, etc. To bypass generic responses, you must do this by phone. No email. No exceptions.

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To have a better result work in the three steps: start with the planning, half way middle cross check the correctness of the efforts and the final step has to be testing. You’ll convey what you did, what that resulted in, and the value or net result.