It is Indeed tough to stay creative at work during the entire having lot of pressure and tension. Holding on much work stress creates health issues harming the health and decreasing the working efficiency. So it is Important to remain fresh, energetic, focused, concentrated and enthusiastic during the entire day.

Few people think that it is practically impossible to hold the same energy and work enthusiasm throughout the day. This is not entirely false but following some tips mentioned below can help one remain creative throughout the day.

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  1. Make the List
  2. Carry the Notebook and note down the points. Later on jot them and work accordingly.
  3. Try some free writing which will help you get refreshed.
  4. Staying in front of computer for so long can affect eyes and body. So get away from computer at regular intervals giving body some exercise.
  5. Don’t beat your mind with too much of work stress
  6. Take breaks for having tea, coffee or snacks which will give you energy to work
  7. Go to washroom and keep washing your face
  8. Keep the refreshment drink at your desk
  9. Listen to music
  10. Be open and talk to your colleagues
  11. Surround yourself with creative people, it will help you become more creative
  12. Get your work feedback and improve accordingly
  13. Collaborate with the managers and team mates to work in proper manner
  14. Do not easily give up! Try until you achieve
  15. If the task is tough then practice for it more to become eligible for the next time
  16. It is completely acceptable if you make mistakes. Mistakes are the portal of discovery.

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  17. If you feel bored for the day, sometime ending day early is acceptable.
  18. Go out of office environment and get fresh air.
  19. Take rest and use phone to have small amount of refreshment
  20. Whenever you feel low, count upon your blessing
  21. Try getting rest by completing work before time
  22. If you cannot do certain thing, do not force yourself and take stress. Simply Leave!
  23. Read dictionary to improve vocab and learn new words
  24. Create your work timeline and framework
  25. Work for yourself according to your preference! Do not follow someone.
  26. If any idea pop’s in your mind! Instantly write it down before you forget
  27. Keep your work desk clean, don’t mess it with unwanted things on table
  28. Have Fun while you work! It is equally important to remain calm.
  29. Stay Positive and Finish the daily scheduled task without stress.

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When your day end and you leave the desk or work place, make sure you have some time left to plan for the next day. This will save the time and help you work more efficiently!